Life made simple

  • Do you find yourself struggling to declutter your home?
  • Do you feel like you’re drowning in paperwork?
  • Do you find it hard to make time to do the things you really want?
  • Is your disorganisation and mess getting you down?

However you’re struggling, whether it’s drowning in clutter or just don't know where to start with making your home tidier, The Organised Company can help. 

We specialise in helping people like you organise and declutter, here in Canberra and the surrounding areas. We show you a better way to organise and help implement systems to ensure you get the future you really want.

With a simple, non-judgemental approach, Ros will guide you through and over the hurdles that are preventing you getting started. Nothing is too big, too messy or too difficult. 

A lot can be achieved in a small amount of time with the right help, so take control of your life today and let The Organised Company help you achieve a life made simple.

For more information on any of our services or to discuss your requirements, contact us now via email


Who we are

Ros Hayes MBE MBA is the founder of The Organised Company - a concept that began when Ros had finished a 17 year career in the British Army. Ros learnt that living with less really made life easier and simpler. She began boarding school with her contents in a single trunk, travelled the world for a year living out of a 60 litre back-pack and deployed on numerous operational tours with only a box smaller than most TVs.

Ros learned how to live with less when she started her family too. She knows only too well how hard it can be to keep on top of all the toys, books, clothes and bedding that come with a young family. (Lego however, is still her nemesis and so Ros is secretly working on finding the holy-grail of lego storage so that she can make her millions and retire.) 

Because of this experience, Ros decided to share her knowledge with others who find themselves in the same situation. She set up The Organised Company in 2014 and in 2017 moved to Australia. She was an active board member of the Association of Professional Declutterers and Organisers (UK) and remains as an international member now. 

Now Ros spends her days helping all sorts of people take control of their lives through organisation and decluttering in Canberra and the surrounding areas.

So, if you are someone who needs help organising your home, Ros at The Organised Company can help you take control.

And, don’t worry about the Army background, Ros promises not to shout.

Take control today, contact Ros at the Organised Company by email

What we do

  • Decluttering – Decluttering can be stressful, but it doesn’t have to be. We help you reorganise your life - working alongside, advising and encouraging at your own pace. You decide what things should be kept and what should be thrown away.
  • Cleaning - Regular or one off cleans to save you time and bring a bit of joy. 
  • Home Staging – Presenting your home for sale can be difficult. That’s where we come in - we stage each room to ensure it appeals to buyers, allowing you to get the best possible price with the least amount of stress.
  • House Moves – It can be pricy to move possessions you don’t need. We help you declutter as you pack, saving money on your removal bill. We can also help unpack in an organised and methodical way, so you begin life in your new home in a calm and clutter free environment.
  • Paperwork – We help reduce the amount of paperwork you store through an individually designed filing system. This means that next time you need to find an important bill, you will know exactly where to go. 
  • Talks and Workshops - Ros presents talks and workshops on the subject of decluttering and becoming more organised. Email Ros to check availability. 

For more information on any of our services or to discuss your requirements, contact us now via email

What we cost

If you need help learning how to organise your life and decluttering your home get our dedicated attention at the following rates:

Pricing is based on sessions of no longer than four hours at one time. However, longer projects can be agreed by negotiation.

We are based in Googong, but those who live over 35kms away can still get our help with a travelling charge of $0.66/km on top of the standard price.


  • Weekday Decluttering Service - $80.00 per hour
  • Weekend Decluttering Service - $100.00 per hour
  • Weekday Cleaning Service - $40 per hour for basic cleans; $60 per hour for spring cleans. POA for houses that need some serious love and attention. 

If you would like information on prices for any other service, get in touch via email, and we’ll discuss your requirements.

Any questions you may have

[expand title="How much does it cost?" rel="faq-highlander"]

Decluttering is $80 per hour on a weekday and $100 per hour on a weekend. Cleaning is $35 per hour.

[/expand][expand title="Do I need to be there whilst you sort out my house?" rel="faq-highlander"]

Yes, it’s important you are there because we won’t know that the stone on the shelf is a precious memory from a holiday abroad, or that old postcard is from a deceased loved-one. We advise and recommend solutions but will not make you get rid of anything you don’t want to.

[/expand][expand title="How do I know I can trust you?" rel="faq-highlander"]

We are a member of the Association of Professional Declutterers and Organisers (APDO-UK) and have signed their code of ethics. This means that The Organised Company is duty-bound to adhere to this code of conduct. Ros is also fully insured to work in your home. 

[/expand][expand title="Is your service confidential?" rel="faq-highlander"]

Completely. We don’t disclose client information and don’t have logos on cars or uniform. Discretion is key to our business, but if you give permission we may take before and after photos of your new clutter free space. This is completely voluntary and does not include any information about you personally.

[/expand][expand title="My house is in such a mess and I feel embarrassed and ashamed. How can I show you? " rel="faq-highlander"]

Don’t worry. We don’t judge, and feel genuinely privileged to be in your private space. And, don’t forget Ros was once exactly the same as you; she started this company because she understands how difficult it is and wants to help people just like you.

[/expand][expand title="How does it work?" rel="faq-highlander"]

First is the consultation appointment, which is normally by phone. If we agree to go ahead, we then advise on how long it is likely to take to achieve your goal. From there we can book your sessions.

[/expand][expand title="Do you provide storage solutions?" rel="faq-highlander"]

No. The first step is to clear the clutter and see what we’re left with, only then can we choose necessary storage. We can buy storage for you, within your own set budget.

[/expand][expand title="Will you clean?" rel="faq-highlander"]

As we go through your clutter we can do some cleaning. A full clean will be charged for separately. 


If you have any further questions on any aspect of our service, get in touch via and we’ll discuss your needs.



"Thank you for today. You were wonderful. Very impressed. Thank you also taking the trouble to do the follow-up notes. Your professionalism is impressive". 

RW, Hereford

"I have found the process liberating. It has freed up my mind in so many areas where it was clogged up with worry at the enormity of the tasks required to solve the vast problems. 

Having you to plan and help me execute each stage has been invaluable. I don’t think you charge enough. It’s not about price for me, it’s about value. I feel I have had great value psychologically as well as practically for every pound spent.

Every time I have worked with you, you have been patient with my stonewalling and understanding of my barriers and have consistently worked quietly and competently to overcome them and drive me forwards to what you always knew would be a better place for me."

Anon, Hereford